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The wilson's

Hello, we are Kent and Jaime. We have lived in Southern Utah for close to 30 years, right in the heart of the Mighty Five National Parks. Our best memories have been made with our family while enjoying what this beautiful area has to offer. Some of our best adventures have been camping anywhere from Kanab to Escalante, Utah. We started camping in a tent, moving to pop-up trailer and now to towable trailers. We have learned that you can be as comfortable (or even more relaxed and comfortable) than when you are at home with a well stocked RV. We have appreciated the outdoors and the ability to snuggle up watch a great movie, play games with the kids or reading when it’s cold and wet outside in the comfort of our RV. Our RV’s have provided us with many long and lasting memories that we cherish. Now our married daughter’s family also has a towable and we love to meet up and camp with the grandchildren!!!

Over the years we’ve watched thousands of families, couples, and every other combination of folks come to our “backyard” and have a good experience in the national parks, and stay in a hotel. But, wouldn’t the best way to accomplish this be camping with an RV in the middle of the most beautiful scenery in the west? What could be better than relaxing with all the comforts you want, in the middle of Southern Utah? Sit outside in lawn chairs (like we did with our parents) and watch the sun go down and stars come out. Visit with family and friends instead of sitting inside a hotel room and clicking through channels, or worse, everyone looking at their phone for hours. When was the last time you enjoyed a campfire, s’mores, staying up late and getting a glimpse of the Milky Way? Then, when you are ready for bed, we have prepared our RV’s for your comfort.

When we dreamed up the concept of Concierge Camper we wanted you to enjoy the best of everything. We have stocked our RV’s with all that you need to have a great RV adventure. Everything from a game of Apples to Apples down to Ziplock baggies! Unlike other RV Rentals we have included everything you will need. You bring your clothes and toothbrush and toothpaste … we will literally provide the rest. Have a special occasion? Let us know, we will do our best to meet your needs. Coming on a holiday with younger family members? You will find the RV’s tastefully decorated!!! Coming for Christmas or a birthday? Mail us your gifts and we will have them hidden in the RV to be retrieved as your desired time. Don’t want to spend your vacation time grocery shopping? Place a grocery order with one of our local stores and I will pick them up and stock them in the RV for you.

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This Solitude 379FLS includes everything you will need for a relaxing RV vacation.

This Springdale 232 Bunkhouse includes everything you will need for a relaxing RV vacation.